Established in 2005, the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park (“PSGLMP”) is the largest Marine Park in NSW, covering approximately 98,200 hectares of coastal and marine habitat. The park extends from Cape Hawke Surf Lifesaving Club to the Birubi Point Surf Life Saving Club and includes the offshore waters between.

Diverse Marine Life

The vibrant offshore waters serve as a marine highway for travelling dolphins and whales. In particular, humpback whales travel through the marine park during their annual migration to their breeding grounds. Other beautiful mammals, such as common dolphins, oceanic bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales, sei whales, minke whales and pilot whales, can also be seen travelling through the pristine waters of the marine park.

Special Features of the Marine Park

Major Estuaries: the estuaries include areas of salt marsh and mangroves.
Lakes: Myall Lakes and Smith Lake.
Islands: Offshore islands including, but not limited to, Broughton Island, which is the second largest island in NSW, and Cabbage Tree Island, which is the only known breeding ground of the endangered Gould’s Petrel.

Indigenous Culture

Indigenous cultural and spiritual sites are located within or adjacent to the marine park, including middens, burial sites and traditional campsites of the Worimi people. These hunter-gatherers lived a non-destructive lifestyle and were sympathetic to the environment around them. A ‘midden’ is a mound or deposit containing shells, animal bones and other refuse that indicates the site of a human settlement. For more information, please visit www.mpa.nsw.gov.au/psglmp and www.worimiconservationlands.com