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The aquatic adventure of a lifetime

Just a short 2.5 hour drive north of Sydney, Dolphin Swim Australia offers a unique, easy way to move through the water with wild dolphins while viewing them from below the surface. Prepare yourself for the absolute adventure of a lifetime: a beautiful sunrise tour heading out into the open ocean to swim with and observe whole pods of these sleek, playful, intelligent animals.

Are you looking for your next wild animal adventure?

Look no further! Dolphin Swim Australia’s wild dolphin swim tours offer the thrill of a lifetime; offshore in the beautiful, blue waters of the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park.

You won’t believe your eyes! This is unlike all other dolphin encounters, as the dolphins choose to join our vessel and move through the open ocean just metres from you! Afterwards you return home knowing that the dolphins remain wild, unharmed and free in their natural environment!

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