Meet the DSA Team

The team at Dolphin Swim Australia is 100% committed to the health and safety of the dolphins that choose to swim with us. We are all passionate in what we do and can’t wait to share this experience with you!

Andrew Parker


Andrew is the CEO of Dolphin Swim Australia. He is also a qualified divemaster, marine mammal observer, rescue diver, facilitator and instructor who has extensive experience in wild dolphin and whale swims, as well as dolphin assisted therapy programs. Since 1996, Andrew has designed and run open-water swim programs with dolphins and whales in Australia, the USA (Bahamas) and Tonga.

As a father of four young boys, Andrew loves working with youth and currently resides as President of the Newcastle NSW Australia-based charity, RUSH Haven Inc. Andrew is an active member of ORRCA’s trained marine mammal rescue unit and highly recommends the organisation. Andrew is very proud to lead Dolphin Swim Australia’s team of professionals.

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Adam Wiltshire

Manager/Divemaster/Environmental Scientist

During his time at university, Adam came on-board as a volunteer, helping with scientific research and video work. Adam then gained his professional PADI Divemaster qualification and started guiding customers in the water. After graduating from the local University of Newcastle with a degree in Environmental Science and Management, Adam became the full-time manager of Dolphin Swim Australia.

Adam has always had a passion for the ocean and the marine life within it, making his involvement with DSA a dream come true. As well as being PADI Divemaster certified, he is a qualified SSI Freediver and feels just as relaxed underwater as he does on land. Adam enjoys having a laugh with customers and can’t wait to meet you!

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Paige Hollenbeck

Biologist / Marine Mammal Observer / Divemaster

Paige graduated from Dickinson College in the United States with a Bachelor of Science degree, double majoring in Biology and Geology, in May 2012. She is originally from Rockville, Maryland, and is now based in Australia. Driven by her love for the ocean, she developed a passion for the study of Marine Science. During her education, she studied abroad in Australia at the University of Queensland where she concentrated her work and courses on Australian marine life and the geology of the Great Barrier Reef.

Upon returning to the USA, she focused her senior research on developing a methodology to quantify palaeoseasonality in the Isthmus of Panama using extant bryozoans. Currently, she is striving to gain experience in fields related to her passions and is extremely excited to join the Dolphin Swim Australia team.

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David Scott & Lesley Dutton

David: Divemaster/MMO/Product Developer
Lesley: Swim Assistant/MMO/Marketing Manager

David and Lesley have been with DSA since the first day and they get a huge buzz out of helping guests to swim with dolphins. As Swim Assistant, Lesley ensures that each swim goes smoothly and that all guests are comfortable on the day. David is one of our certified divemasters who looks after guests in the water. Apart from a Diploma in Marine Science, David holds two Masters degrees (in Business and Education) and a PhD in Linguistics.

In their former lives, Lesley part-owned and helped run a law practice and David was head of a university German department. They both prefer, however, to take people swimming with wild dolphins!

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Carl Thompson


Carl came on board as a customer in February 2010. He was inspired by his dolphin swim experience and wanted to share it with others. Carl combined his passions and also became involved in the photography, videography and assisting in the research of the dolphin interactions.

Soon after, Carl embarked on the path of becoming a divemaster, which he achieved in February 2012. It has been an amazing and life-changing experience and he loves sharing this experience with others!

Joel Litchfield


Joel has recently completed his divemaster course - a huge accomplishment and we couldn’t be more proud! He is a dedicated water man.

On the vessel, he is always smiling and willing to jump in and help wherever and whenever needed.

Joel is great at spotting dolphins and absolutely loves his job!

Liz Blenkinsop

Swim Assistant/Snorkel Instructor/Marine Scientist

Liz is a keen bushwalker, ocean lover and dolphin enthusiast. Born in the Port Stephens region, she has always been a water-baby.

Channelling a lifelong passion into a career, Liz has recently graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Science undertaking studies in Marine Science and Sustainability. Liz started working as a swim assistant with Dolphin Swim Australia and is also a qualified snorkel instructor. When on the boat, Liz is always happy, always smiling and always making sure everyone is having fun!

Dani Solway

Swim Assistant/Snorkel Instructor/Marine Biologist

Dani is a marine biologist, ocean conservationist, and self confessed water-baby.

Residing on the NSW Central Coast area, she grew up with the beach as her playground and has witnessed an abundance of dolphins, migrating whales and other marine creatures.

She loves inspiring passion for ocean conservation in others & hopes to follow in the footsteps of her hero David Attenborough.

Sian Demers

Divemaster/Swim Assistant

Sian is totally addicted to energy, she works with it every day! Sian is an electrician, Reiki master, yoga instructor, aromatherapist and Divemaster with Dolphin Swim Australia.

Sian loves helping people interact with wild and free dolphins, it brings absolute magic and joy to her heart.

Sian is super friendly, and enjoys chatting to customers aboard the boat.

Matty Maccabe

Snorkel Instructor

Australian Age and Open National Swimmer, NSW medallist- Matt has competed in many swimming competitions. He has been trained and mentored by Australian and NSW head coaches and has worked with leading sport scientists.

Matty is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate member of the Dolphin Swim Australia team. Matty is a people lover and Dolphin lover and loves helping people have their experience. Matty is DSA’s “hype man” and loves to make a bit of noise on the boat!

Jake Dylan

Snorkel Instructor

Jake Dylan is a water enthusiast and full-time dolphin lover. After migrating north to Newcastle from the South Coast, Jake spends his time studying education and mingling with his fellow species. Jake can be found surfing the local beaches, singing whale songs at small gigs and always keeping a keen eye on a dolphin or two. Jake is one of the snorkel instructors aboard Dolphin Swim Australia and will be working hard to make sure you have the best possible wild dolphin experience!

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